High Power Microwaves

2nd Edition

High Power Microwaves, 2nd EditionHigh Power Microwaves, 2nd Edition provides a unified, coherent presentation of both the fundamentals in this rapidly changing field and the methodology by which the key technology elements are brought together in a full system. The presentation is detailed where necessary, covering the unique features of the technology, including all their distinguishing features, and primary research issues, and the fundamental limits on performance. In addition, the authors step back to provide the required background in diagnostics, supporting prime and pulsed power technology, and facility considerations.

The major features:

  • A textbook, intended for classroom use or self-study, with problem
    sets, a completely revised successor to the first edition.
  • Written from a systems perspective, with a detailed example called
    the SuperSystem.
  • Coverage of major types of microwave sources and HPM systems,
    their distinguishing features, primary research issues, and fundamental
    performance limits
  • Surveys Ultrawideband (UWB), a new class of high power radiators
  • New HPM formulary, a handy compilation of frequently used rules of
    thumb and formulas
  • Divides the field into two sectors: applications driven and
    technology driven, and address both perspectives.
  • Includes microwave fundamentals, enabling technologies, and the
    equipment and facilities surrounding the sources

The book outlines historical trends that have led to the development of
HPM and compares the capabilities of HPM to those of conventional
microwaves. Starting from the applications of HPM, the book reviews in
the source types that generate high power microwaves. A Chinese Edition
will be published by the end of 2007 by the National Defense Industry

High Power Microwaves, Second Edition has 531 pages, 291 figures, and 114
problems. A Solutions Booklet for the problems is available from
Microwave Sciences, Inc.

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