Evaluating HPM Systems

HEIMDALL: Evaluating HPM Systems

Microwave Sciences, Inc. supports the HEIMDALL HPM Systems Concept code. To enable users to understand the operation and outputs of the code, we provide:

    • The Heimdall 4.01 code (CD)
    • Training Workshops in use of the code
    • CD of Technology Algorithms that make up the heart of the code, for $250
    • Consulting in its use for HPM system concept design

HEIMDALL is an expert-system code designed to aid quick — but reasonably detailed — examinations of complete HPM Systems. The user-friendly interface gives the user maximum control over system design, while keeping the user warned of limits for any of the technologies. The mode of operation is to build up the system — technology by technology — and see what it produces.

In HEIMDALL, any system is divided into technology types, each of which has
a subpage at left.

Heimdall HPM Systems Concept CodeEnergy flows between component classes in an HPM System. Quantities between component classes are those needed for linking them into a system.

Optional branches are for additional stage of electrical pulse compression
(e.g., Marx-to-PFL) and pulse compression of microwaves after generation.
For more on this method of scoping an HPM System, see High Power Microwaves, 2nd Edition.

The figure below illustrated the questions answered by HEIMDALL:

Heimdall Overview