Books Authored

High Power Microwaves Second Edition

High Power Microwaves, 2nd EditionA textbook on HPM, High Power Microwaves Second Edition, was published in 2007 by Taylor and Francis.

A Solutions volume is available

High-Power-Microwaves High Power Microwaves First Edition

With my colleague, John Swegle, I wrote the first unified treatment of the subject High Power Microwaves, High Power Microwaves, Artech House,1992, a book which surveys the broad range of applications, the principles of operation and the research issues of the emerging technology. This book served as the basis for many courses.

Other educational reviews:

High Power Microwave SourcesApplications of High-Power Microwaves“Relativistic Magnetrons” Chapter 10 in High Power Microwave Sources, V. Granatstein and I. Alexeff, ed., Artech house, 1987.

“Modification and Measurement of the Atmosphere by High Power Microwaves”, Chapter 7 in Applications of High Power Microwaves, Artech House,Inc., Boston MA, 1994.

High-Power Microwave Sources and Technologies“Pulse Shortening”, Chapter 4 of Advances in High Power Microwave Sources and 
Technologies, Robert Barker and Edl Schamiloglu, eds., pg. 77, IEEE Press, 2001