Career History


1996-present President, Microwave Sciences, Inc. Consulting and contracting in HPM systems from conceptual designs to hardware, HPM effects testing and power beaming. Services are general execution of tasks and programs, consulting and technical writing and teaching.
1989-1996 PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, San Leandro, CA. Director, High Power Microwave Division, Electromagnetic Systems Group. High-Power Microwave business development, experiments and theory.
1983-1989 Manager, Microwave Program Office, Pulsed Energy Technology Division. Directed High-Power Microwave experiments and theory, Charged Particle Beam Applications.
1981-1983 Manager, Systems Analysis & Theory Department, R&D Division. Conducted systems analysis, computational and analytical theory.
1980-1981 Program Development Office, R&D Division. Developed advanced technology business and conceptual design studies of pulsed power systems.
1979-1980 Staff Physicist, Pulsed Power Division. Conducted systems studies and conceptual designs of pulsed power systems; technical areas included laser drivers and particle beams.
1977-1979 Group manager, Beam Generator Group. Marketed, developed, produced, tested, and installed particle beam accelerators for foreign and domestic markets. Developed new applications of accelerator technology.
1974-1977 Group Manager, Beam and Plasma Research Group. Research in electron beam fusion and collective ion acceleration. Specific tasks included management of electron beam plasma heating study and system analysis for electron beam fusion in toroidal and linear geometry; studies of electron beam diode physics; and technology development for diodes, energy storage, and switching.
1969-1974 Senior Physicist. Directed intense beam research program. Studies of dynamics of intense beams in toroidal magnetic fields; experiments on inductive storage systems; intense beam transport compression and combination using z-pinch systems, preionized gas transport, and ion acceleration experiments. Responsible for spectrographic systems; fast image converter photography; and planning, executing, and analyzing beam experiments.
1964-1969 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO, San Diego, CA. 1969 Research Associate, Department of Physics. Designed and operated of collisionless shockwave experiment.
1963-1964 NAVAL ORDNANCE LABORATORY, Corona, CA. Physicist. Conducted infrared spectroscopic analysis of solids.
1962-1963 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Dallas, TX. Research Assistant. Used computer simulation and vacuum deposition techniques.