About Microwave Sciences


Microwave Sciences, Inc. provides services in High Power Microwave technology and applications. Our customers are private companies (technology houses, aerospace prime contractors), government agencies and universities.

Activities of principal interest are High Power Microwave (HPM) systems from conceptual designs to hardware, HPM effects testing and power beaming.
Services are general execution of tasks and programs, consulting, proposal writing, program review, and technical writing and teaching.

What do you do?

We offer services at sharply lower cost in High Power Microwaves (HPM), bringing together teams of experts for specific projects in an economical manner. We provide services to our customers in the areas of:

  1. Technical Contracting in
    • microwave propulsion
    • HPM system concept development
    • microwave source development
  2. Consulting in infrastructure protection from EM attacks
  3. HPM Education-courses and workshops
  4. Heimdall expert system code:
    • Training Workshops in use of the code.
    • CD of Technology Algorithms that make up the heart of the code
    • Consulting in its use for system concept design

When did the company begin?

MSI was started business in March 1996.

Where is it located?

In Lafayette, California – in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who is Microwave Sciences?

Dr. James Benford runs the company. Microwave Sciences obtains
additional manpower from associates, who are persons and
organizations currently affiliated with MSI on a sub-contracting and
consulting basis:

  • Dr. John Swegle, J-Two, HPM sources and applications.
  • Prof. Gregory Benford, Abbenford, Inc., theory of plasmas and space applications.
  • Dr. David Giri, Protech, antennas and propagation
  • Prof. Edl Schamiloglu, AHS, concepts and experiments